Before you jump on the fad diet band wagon for the new year, read this!

If you tend to gain weight just by looking at food but have a friend who can put away chicken tenders and French fries with a chocolate shake for dessert, and all that without ever going up a pant size, then you know how I’ve felt my entire life.

Some people have a pear shape and tend to carry weight around their middle, buttocks, and thighs. Others have a more muscular and athletic look. And there are those who look athletic while never participating in many exercises that would have them so fit.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you go on a calorie deficit and diet by the plan, yet you still struggle to lose weight. Why is that? Why is it that some people seem immune to this?

What is it about your super thin friend that keeps them from gaining weight? In this article, we will explore the reasons behind why it is harder for some people to gain weight, even if they are intentionally not trying to lose or maintain their weight.

Is it metabolism, genetics or a combination of many factors? Can you change your metabolism? If so, how would you accomplish it? Let’s see what Melanie thinks…

Melanie’s story

Melanie was on the track team. She had a best friend who ran with her. Sue ate from sun up to sun down. There never seemed to be an end to what she could consume in a day.

It was different for Melanie. She would eat once a day and still manage to gain weight. It did not matter how much she ran track, her legs didn’t look as lean and fit as her friend Sue’s. Melanie was always curious about what it was that made Sue’s body different from her. She started to observe everything Sue did when they were together.

When they had an away track meet and shared a hotel room, Sue would be up walking around the room while Melanie lay around on the bed flipping TV channels. She observed Sue’s eating habits. She would eat small snacks between her meals. Furthermore, she ate small meals, but she ate them often.

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