Vanessa Hernandez

Vanessa has worked in the Lab at SLMC since 7/8/2016

 A word from Vanessa

" As many of you may or may  not know, My name is Vanessa Hernandez.  I was born in Reno and raised in our small town of Yerington.  I decided to  study phlebotomy  in 2015 at WNC in Carson City, NV.  I believe what intrigued me to study this was just the curiosity of being in the lab and not knowing what the rocker in the lab was for.  Now I know what it is for no questions asked.  I am a the point in my life where I am happy and like what I do for a living.  I have some awesome co-workers and out of all the places I have worked, I would say this is one of the best settings in SLMC.

Thanks for having me"